Yoga to Help you Love Your Guts

Caring for your guts, one yoga pose at a time.

Caring for your digestive system can mean more than a healthy diet and probiotics like H2PRO™. A healthy digestive system takes advantage of your good nutrition, aids in stimulating a healthy immune system and more.

More of our digestive system is exposed to our environment than any other system, even our skin. Think of it like a long tube exposed to everything we ingest.  Just the small intestine itself is about 22 feet long.

And while most people think that the stomach is the center of digestion in the body, it isn’t.  In fact, the most important part of digestion, the chemical digestion and nutrient absorption happens in the small intestine.  Think of the stomach like a grinder/pulper, then the important work happens down the line.

Exercise and Digestion

Exercise is an important way to care for your digestive system.  Exercise brings blood and oxygen to the digestive system.  This keeps cells healthy and at optimal function.  Our microbes are an essential part of a healthy gut and healthy tissues harbor a healthy microbiome.  In addition there are more immune cells in the digestive tract than anywhere else in the body.  Our immune system depends on these tissues since so many of our immune cells are located in the lining of the gut.

Yoga is an ideal exercise regime to care for your digestive tract and to help minimize belly bloat.  Yoga allows the muscles of the body to relax, bringing oxygen and nutrients to important organs. In addition, yoga promotes the alignment of the body.

Yoga can ease belly bloat from overindulgence by stretching the belly muscles, aligning the body and bringing oxygen and blood to the digestive system.

Yoga Poses that Promote Digestion

Yoga along with probiotics and a healthy diet can help support gut health [1].

By Akhlispurnomo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Corpse Pose

Lying flat on your back on your mat and breathing deep regular breaths will aid in stretching and aligning the digestive system and opening the belly.






Photo Credit: Anne Wu

Child’s Pose

Sit back on your knees on your mat and lie your forehead on the floor, allowing your shoulders and arms to rest lightly around you. This position calms and restores the breath, easing stress and aiding digestion.




Wind Relieving Posewind-relieveing

Lying flat on your back and drawing your knees to your chest is an effective way to stimulate the nerves involved in elimination and to help pass gas.




Spinal Twisttwist

A gentle spinal twist can also bring blood flow to important organs and aid in the passing of gas. The gentle stimulation of the digestive system help keep your guts in healthy working order.

You can find more of these helpful positions here, at



Make your Probiotics Go Far

To further support your healthy gut, take your probiotics with food!  And let that food have fiber, a prebiotic that supports the  diverse gut microbes.  Stay hydrated because water is essential to aiding digestion and nutrient absorption. And add these yoga poses after an overindulgence or in your daily practice.

Health makes every day better.


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