Probiotics and Weight Loss: A Perfect Pair


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There is no silver bullet for weight loss, but there is H2PRO™.

We all know there is no silver bullet for weight loss.  That is because long term weight gain and obesity is complicated, involving diet, exercise, genetics and your gut microbes.

Yes, 2 to 3 pounds of your body weight is just microbes. But you don’t want to lose your microbes when you lose weight, in fact, you may want to add them, to help you lose weight.

Diet and Exercise….and Probiotics?

The prescription for weight loss for many years has been clear: eat a healthy diet and exercise.  But new evidence is showing that probiotics may play a role in weight loss when added to this regime.

A recent meta-analysis (a scientific study of many other studies) was published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition [1].  This study found some unique trends in the relationship between probiotics and weight loss. And the news is good.

Probiotics are microbes that confer a health benefit to the host, delivered by way of foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut or H2PRO™ probiotics + vitamins supplement. These microbes live in us and on us all the time and play a crucial role in the development and regulation of our immune system.

Probiotics modify our metabolism to some extent.  Studies have found that probiotics added to a diet can increase HDL levels in the blood (that’s the good cholesterol) and decrease the presence of glucose in the blood [1]. So it follows that probiotics might play a role in changing the body’s metabolism to aid in weight loss.

Does adding probiotics to your diet get results?

The new meta-analysis includes 20 studies and over 1900 participants.  In it, researchers found that 16 out of 19 studies using Body Mass Index (BMI) reported a significant reduction of BMI in participants using probiotics.  They also found 15 out of 21 studies reporting on body weight (not BMI) showed a significant decrease after using probiotics.

Additionally, they found that multiple species of probiotics, such as the 4 strains in H2PRO™, may induce an enhanced benefit! When looking at the length of time participants used the probiotics, researchers found that there was a significant weight loss when the duration of use was greater than 8 weeks. Finally, there is some indication that probiotics may create a more efficient or significant weight loss in people who are obese.

Take Home Message

  • Studies suggest that probiotics can help you lose weight when combined with a healthy diet and exercise
  • People with more weight to lose tend to experience more enhanced benefits but probiotics can help anyone improve their gut health.
  • Multi-species probiotics, like H2PRO™, may enhance the benefit compared to single strain probiotics
  • Probiotics should be taken long term; longer than 8 weeks, and daily

A healthy weight enables a healthy and happy life.  Add H2PRO™ probiotics + vitamins to your daily exercise routine to maximize your health as well as your weight loss.

Love your guts! Support a healthy weight by using H2PRO™ along with a healthy diet and exercise.
1- Zhang, Q. et al. (2016) Effect of probiotics on body weight and body-mass index: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition.
Volume 67(5): 571-580.

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