The Body Weight Game and Probiotics

Trying to lose weight? have you added probiotics to your diet?

The gut microbiota, all the microorganisms in your digestive system, is a hot topic everywhere these days and particularly in health research.  It has been connected to many health conditions  both physical and psychological, including obesity.

Probiotics are the bacterial ‘bugs’ we take to supplement the gut microbiota and gain health benefits.  And there are many potential benefits, including weight loss.

 How Probiotics May Help You Lose Weight

So is there a ‘Probiotic Panacea’ for weight loss? Nope.

But, studies indicate that including probiotics in a regime of healthy exercise and diet may help decrease body fat [1].  It has clearly been demonstrated that obese and lean body types have varying microbial profiles.  However, the variability is so great that no one group of bacteria can be pinpointed as beneficial or deleterious.  

A recent study, however, found that among college athletes in a 10-week training program that included diet, athletes who took probiotics lost significantly more body fat than those who did not. [1].  Additionally, the athletes performance at the dead-lift was better in the group that took probiotics [1].  Probiotics may, therefore, increase your athletic performance at the gym while also helping you lose weight.

Gut Microbes and Diet influence Weight Gain

Obviously, the gut is ground zero for many metabolic processes since it is where we process all our fuel (food).  Diets high in fat and sugar and low in plant fiber are bad influence for your gut microbes and may decrease the overall gut microbiome diversity.  Low gut microbime diversity can be bad and is associated with obesity, while high gut microbiome diversity is generally thought of as benefit to good health and the maintenance of ideal body weight [2].  

Overeating and lack of exercise contribute to a decrease in gut bacteria, increased low grade inflammation and potentially to insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes [2].  Due to this connection with gut microbes, probiotics are currently being investigated for a potential therapeutic role in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes.

Diet + Exercise + Probiotics = Success

Another 2016 study that included more than 1900 subjects, researchers found that probiotics could aid in body fat loss and decreased Body Mass Index (BMI) [3].  Taking a multi-species probiotic like H2PRO™ (4 strains) was beneficial and associated with greater weight loss.  Additionally, probiotics should be taken long term, as all the studies showing weight loss with probiotics continued probiotic use for more than 8 weeks [3].

H2PRO™ is Your Weight Loss Easy Button

Eating well consistently and exercising daily are hard. Taking H2PRO™ is easy.

H2PRO™ will keep you hydrated and add a multi-species probiotic to your weight loss regimen. Drinking plenty of water and using H2PRO™ daily, helps keep you satiated longer, and may help reduce snacking between meals as well.  Add some exercise to your plan and you’ll most certainly be successful before you can say #LoveYourGuts.



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