Dr. Baumgarten MD: Top Ten Reasons to Take Probiotics

Alan S. Baumgarten MD

1- Probiotics are your personal, biological immune-boosting jet pack.

Your GI tract is ground zero for your immune system.  Up to 70% of your immune system is housed in your digestive tract where your body comes into contact with environmental stimuli like viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens [1]. Many of cells in the lining of the digestive tract are immune cells. That lining is colonized with trillions of bacteria that help modulate and train the immune system from our infancy.  H2PRO probiotics powders supplement this important community with well researched strains of bacteria.

2- It’s a no-brainer!

Increasingly research is showing that probiotics influence your mental health.  The gut and brain are intimately connected by something called the Gut-Brain Axis, or the biochemical highway that occurs between the brain and gut. Up to 50% of some neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin originate in the gut.  And some species of bacteria release large amounts of biochemicals that are also neurotransmitters [2].  So love your guts and your brain with H2PRO!

3- You can strive to be ‘on-the-regular’.

A recent study of 1200 patients has shown a significant improvement in bowel movement frequency with the use of a daily probiotic strain, Bifidobacterium lactis. The great news about the results of this study is that the probiotic increased BM’s in a trial of otherwise healthy adults.  In addition, the probiotic use was effective in both 1 billion colony forming units (CFU) per day dosage and a 10 billion CFU dosage per day.  Finally, the probiotic showed efficacy within 4 weeks!  If you are a healthy adult with occasional constipation, then consider H2PRO to get you on a more regular schedule.

4- Tame your allergy beast.

Infants that present allergies early in life are known to have altered gut microbiota [3]. The specific way probiotics work to modify the allergic response is still mostly a mystery and likely highly complex.  However, studies have shown that immune response in patients can be modified by the use of probiotics. In 2014, a study found that adults suffering from chronic hayfever and who took Lactobacillus paracasei had an improved quality of life [4].

5- Say NO to antibiotic side effects!

Probiotics may help restore the microbiome following a course of antibiotics and studies have shown there is strong evidence that probiotics may prevent or treat antibiotic associated diarrhea [5]. Probiotics may be a great choice when you don’t have a choice about using antibiotics.

6- You ARE bionic!

Your body is home to more than 100 trillion cells, but only 10 trillion of these actually make up your organ systems. The remaining 90 trillion cells are resident bacteria that live in and on your body. This population of mostly good or beneficial bacteria is called your microbiome, and the balance is unique for each person.  Dietary probiotics are thought to help improve your personal microbial balance.

7- Improved nutrition

Probiotics been shown to increase both Bone Mass Density and Bone Mineral Content [6]. While scientists have not teased out the exact reason this may be true, it is possible that a diverse and well-supported microbiota may help make the most of your diet, aiding in digestion and allowing your body to absorb more available nutrients. H2PRO has the added benefit of supplemental vitamins, so check out our Immune Health and Bone and Joint Health formulations!

8- Billions of new friends each day!

A reasonable dose of probiotics is generally accepted to be between 1 and 10 billion bacteria or colony forming units (CFU’s) per day.  As an example, the probiotic and vitamin supplement, H2PRO, provides 7 billion CFU’s of multiple, well-studied species per dose, a perfect daily amount!  These species were specifically chosen to survive the high acid environment of the stomach in order to promote colonization of the intestine. So take H2PRO daily and make new friends, 7 billion!

9- Friends, with benefits. Travel benefits for health!

Consider probiotics if you travel! Increased fats, decreased fiber and dehydration can lead to constipation on vacation! Probiotics have been shown to improve constipation in healthy adults [7].  In addition, up to half of people that travel to developing countries can be afflicted by traveler’s diarrhea. One risk assessment estimated that up to 85% of potential cases of TD could potentially be prevented by probiotics [8]. H2PRO is shelf stable due to our unique freeze drying process. It requires no refrigeration. Put H2PRO in your bag and use it here, there or everywhere!

10- Support gut health! Love your guts.

Probiotics are good bacteria that you can add back to your gut. Swallowing these little superheroes sends them to work restoring balance to your personal microbiome.  Supplementing your gastrointestinal tract with probiotics provides additional support to your naturally present good bacteria, joining in the fight against unwelcome microbes, improving your first line of immune defense, supporting healthy metabolism, and promoting overall good health.


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