Snow Day Smoothie for Kids

Snow day? H2PRO DAY!

Smoothies are for kids too. Our family has an ever changing array of fruit and vegetables in the house and so our smoothie recipe is an ‘off the cuff’ affair.

This week we had a snow day smoothie.  Here’s how it went.

Snow Day Smoothie

Serves: 4-5 kids or a couple adults (often served with popcorn)
Measurements are approximations, feel free to experiment! Hey, it’s a snow day!

Smoothie like a PRO!

1 frozen banana

½ cup frozen blueberries

½ cup frozen peaches

1 packet H2PRO Immune Health Acai Berry

1 tbsp chia seeds

kale leaves, about 1 cup chopped, stems removed


Add all this to the blender with enough almond milk to get it to your desired consistency. My kids like it thick enough to eat with a spoon. Enjoy!

kids smoothie

going gone Going, going, gone.

snow day smoothie