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Welcome! Each box of H2PRO™ contains 10 packets of powdered probiotics with 7 billion CFUs of 4 probiotics strains + vitamins and micronutrients to support your well-being.

Our Formulas
We make formulas for Immune Health and Bone & Joint Health. The Lemonade and Acai Berry flavors are delicious additions to water, yogurt, smoothies, and more! And the Flavorless formulas can really be added to anything!
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When you buy 3 or more boxes, which is a 1-month supply for a daily regimen, we'll cover the costs of shipping! Otherwise, it's $6 for 1 box and $3 for 2 boxes.
Monthly Delivery
With a Monthly Subscription we'll deliver H2PRO™ formulas automatically every month. Mix and match boxes for a variety of formulas and flavors. Subscription price per box: $15.00. 1-time purchase price per box is $16.99.
Buying Options
If you'd prefer to buy in-person you can Find Retail Stores that sell H2PRO™. Or, you can buy H2PRO™ at Amazon.

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