You can sell H2PRO™

H2PRO™ comes in 2 formulas: Immune Health (acai berry flavor or flavorless) and Bone & Joint Health (lemonade flavor or flavorless)

Why Our Customers Love H2PRO™

  • People appreciate the ease with which they can travel with our convenient packets.
  • They love how H2PRO™ can be added to nearly any food or drink.
  • And they love the powdered form, which is much easier to ingest than the handful of pills that would be required to equal the content of one H2PRO™ packet.

For Retail Outlets and Health Care Practitioners
Small markets, yoga studios, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices – these are some of the types of businesses that appreciate the efficacy of H2PRO™’s probiotics + vitamins formulas. We welcome you to become a retailer.

Each box of H2PRO™ contains 10 packets of powdered supplement. Some stores sell individual packets. A case includes 6 boxes (60 total packets).

To discuss purchasing H2PRO™ at wholesale prices to sell at your business location,
please contact us here.

For Affiliates
H2PRO™ Affiliates help promote H2PRO™ with their blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, and email programs. For any buyers they send to us, they earn a 20% commission on the purchase amount. If you have an active community of readers online via your blog or social media, and you love H2PRO™, then you may appreciate the Affiliate Program.

Learn more about the H2PRO™ Affiliate Program.