Review: Human Studies show Probiotic Effect on Blood Sugar, Weight

A recent review of human clinical trials looks at the effects of probiotics on obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Clinical trials of probiotics and synbiotics are increasingly showing support for therapeutic uses of these products.  The influence of probiotics and synbiotics on the gut microbiome has been found to influence some of the metabolic processes involved in these conditions.  This includes decreases in Body Mass Index, decreased insulin sensitivity, improved carbohydrate metabolism and blood lipid levels.

Results in the literature are variable and dependent upon type and strain of probiotics utilized in the study.  Sometimes no results are found and other times significant results are found.  Research into the complex interaction between these novel therapeutics and disease across variable human populations, probiotics strain combinations and larger test groups will be necessary into the future if this type of treatment can become the clinical norm.

Source: International Journal of Molecular Science

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