Probiotics Improve Constipation in Healthy Adults

H2PRO for Constipation

Humans have used probiotics for thousands of years and only recently have we realized the crucial role they play in human health. In fact, the medical community is just now beginning to tease out the specific therapeutic uses of probiotics in the treatment of ailments like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)anxiety and diarrhea.

But what about ailments that are less frequently reported to medical professionals and often go undiagnosed or self-managed with over the counter drugs?

Constipation is an important ailment for which many people do not seek treatment. But constipation can affect one out of six people, and occasionally warrants medical help, amounting to about 3.2 million doctor visits each year. Often, when patients self-manage this problem with laxatives or stool softeners they do not find consistent relief. Why manage the symptoms rather than find a lifestyle solution?

A new way to manage constipation? Change your life and get regular with H2PRO!

British Journal of NutritionA new, large (1200+ subjects) study has shown a significant improvement in defecation frequency with the use of a daily probiotic strain, Bifidobacterium lactis. The great news about the results of this study is that the probiotic increased defecation frequency in subjects with low defecation frequency (2 to 4 days/week) in a trial of otherwise healthy adults. These subjects had GI complaints without a diagnosis of IBS or other GI disease.

In addition, the probiotic use was effective in both 1 billion colony forming units (CFU) per day dosage and a 10 billion CFU dosage per day, meaning that 1 billion CFU was adequate to receive a benefit.

Finally, the probiotic worked quickly. The study was only conducted over 4 weeks and within that time subjects showed a benefit. Try H2PRO for a month, if it works, tell us about it!

Ditch your laxatives and love your guts naturally with H2PRO.

H2PRO contains the strain, Bifidobacterium lactis, which was used in the study. Our formulation includes 2 billion CFUs of this strain, an optimal dosage for anyone hoping to find a health benefit from a daily probiotic. Plus, H2PRO contains a total of 7 billion CFUs when including the two other strains found in the H2PRO customized probiotic formulation.

Probiotics are a natural and integral part of our microbiome. We have evolved with these organisms over generations and owe much of our health to their presence in our bodies.

Why take laxatives or stool softeners with no effect when the probiotics in H2PRO offer many benefits including immune health, emotional health and digestive health?

Love your guts, naturally and relieve constipation with daily use of H2PRO.

If H2PRO works for you, consider a subscription for a lifestyle solution.

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