Probiotics for Healthy Kids

Probiotics for Kids

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Probiotics for kids can be found on almost any grocery store shelf these days. What are they and can they benefit children?

Yes! Probiotics are good bacteria anyone can ingest to help restore balance in their gut.  The human gut contains trillions of beneficial microbes integral to our immune system.  These microbes provide us with many benefits.  Probiotics can be taken by children, in fact, everyone in your family can join in!

Probiotics support growing immune systems.

Probiotics have been shown to prevent upper respiratory tract infections as well as shorten the duration of the common cold.  Additionally, studies have shown a significant decrease in the number of days with fever, clinical interventions, childcare absences and antibiotic prescriptions given to people on a probiotic regime [1].

Research published by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests six months of a daily probiotics regime is a safe and effective way to decrease cough duration, cough incidence, fever and antibiotic incidence for children 3 to 5 years old [2].  Additionally, some research indicates probiotics like H2PRO™ with multiple strains may have a synergistic effect resulting in more pronounced outcomes [2].

Many studies have utilized Lactobicillus and Bifidobacterium species like the four unique strains in H2PRO™ probiotics powder.  These results are consistent for children, adults and the elderly [2].

Probiotics support your child’s digestive tract.

The January 2016 Issue of the Journal of Family Practice published guidelines on the use of probiotics for gastrointestinal illnesses like antibiotic associated diarrhea and acute infectious diarrhea [3]. Every parent dreads these kinds of back-to-school bugs.

If you are unlucky enough to have a child on antibiotics, it is a good idea to supplement their gut microbiota with probiotics in order to prevent diarrhea associated with these medicines.  A recent review of trials, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found probiotics were associated with decreased incidence of diarrhea in pediatric patients across settings, diagnosis and probiotic type/dose [4].

Consider probiotics when you travel if your little traveler has a sensitive system.  Travel can cause upheaval in little tummies. Probiotics have been shown to help with acute infectious or traveler’s diarrhea and have been shown to decrease the duration of the event by 25 hours as well as improving stool frequency in as little as 48 hours [3].

Allergies, children and the pediatric allergic march.

Allergies are increasing in western cultures; up to 20% or more of the population is thought to have allergies of one kind or another [5].  Allergies have a genetic component but also researchers theorize there is an environmental component.  There is a name for the allergy progression in children from eczema to allergic rhinitis to asthma:  “the pediatric allergic march” [6].

Some studies have shown a preventative benefit of probiotics for children at high risk of allergy [6] although there are some mixed results.  The specific way probiotics work to modify the allergic response is still mostly a mystery and likely highly complex [7].  However, studies have shown that immune response in patients can be modified by the use of probiotics [7].

Bifidobacterium lactis,  Lactobacillus paracasei and Lactobacillus acidophilus are three well studied strains all of which are found in H2PRO™. Generally, these strains have been found to modulate immune responses as well as inflammation in the body.  These strains are considered safe and easy to take for adults and children alike.

Many potential benefits when you include probiotics in your daily life

In addition to aiding digestion and supporting immunity our gut microbes also support and influence bone health, brain health, emotional wellbeing as well as potential allergy development and asthma. Researchers learn more every day.

These benefits aren’t just for adults! The whole family can benefit from the probiotics and vitamins in  H2PRO™. Since probiotics are considered safe by the medical community, you can easily add them to your daily routine.

Dr. Baumgarten’s, Family Dosage Chart

Developed by a family physician and nutritionist, H2PRO™ has the needs of everyone in mind.  Dr. Baumgarten has created this chart for the entire family.

H2PRO™ Dosing Chart

Support your guts, support your health.

If the microbiome is so important, then we should nurture it daily, no matter our age.  Invest in your whole family’s health with H2PRO™ probiotics + vitamins.

For more information, check out our kid’s page with research geared toward your family’s needs and our upcoming blog that will cover the hygiene hypothesis, pediatrics and pregnancy.

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Love Your Kids, Love Their Guts.


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