Probiotics for Beginners

Chances are you’ve heard of them, or at least seen them featured on the label of any number of products. Probiotics are gaining attention, and for good reason. In a nutshell, probiotics are good bacteria that you can ingest to help restore balance to your personal microbiome, or the trillions of beneficial microbes that already live in your gut. They can help you feel better and have more energy. Let us explain…

Get acquainted with the other 90% of you

Your body is home to more than 100 trillion cells, but only 10 trillion of these actually make up your organ systems. The remaining 90 trillion cells are resident bacteria that live in and on your body. This population of mostly good or beneficial bacteria is called your microbiome, and the balance is unique for each person.

Meet Your Microbiome:
Exploring the Invisible Universe That Lives on Us and In Us

This great video, narrated by Rob Stein, gives a great intro to the human microbiome.
Click here to see the full article on NPR.

Let’s talk about your guts

The Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract is residence to more than 80% of the good bacteria in your microbiome, with approximately 1,000 different species calling it home. The population of your unique microbiome begins forming at birth and evolves over a lifetime. It’s under the influence of many factors, including the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, the air you breath, and your personal health habits. When you take good care of yourself, this population of good bacteria tends to live in balance with your body and contribute to your overall wellness.

The good bacteria living in your GI tract support many important body functions including digestion, metabolism, immunity and some functions of your brain. They assist in the breakdown of the food, support the absorption of important nutrients, and can even influence your metabolism, thereby helping you maintain a healthy body weight.

The GI tract is also responsible for up to 80% of your immune function to fight infections.

Plus, there is growing scientific evidence that your individual microbiome can influence your moods and emotions. As you can see, the good bacteria of your GI tract can have a significant influence on your overall health and wellness.

Is your microbiome in jeopardy?

Your personal health habits, as well as various environmental factors, can influence your microbiome, upsetting its healthy balance of good bacteria. At times, your diet may be highly processed and loaded with chemicals. The beverages you drink, including plain old water, may be loaded with sugar or chlorine. The air that you breath can be polluted. These factors and other habits such as tobacco or alcohol use and medications—especially antibiotics—can wipe out some of the good bacteria. This can lead to a broad range of unsavory symptoms, including fatigue, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, constipation, gas, food allergies, colds and infections, irritability and obesity.

So if your microbiome is out of whack, what can you do to get it back in shape so you can feel better?

Probiotics can help you get good guts

Probiotics are good bacteria that you can add back to your gut. Swallowing these little superheroes sends them to work restoring balance to your personal microbiome, even thought it’s been subjected to the numerous challenges of our modern lifestyles. Supplementing your gastrointestinal tract with probiotics provides additional support to your naturally present good bacteria, joining in the fight against unwelcome microbes, improving your first line of immune defense, supporting healthy metabolism, and promoting overall good health.

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