Introducing H2PRO

PRO-Hydro Beverages enters probiotics market, launches H2PRO Immune Health daily probiotic supplement

ASHEVILLE, N.C., Wednesday, Feb. 19 – PRO-Hydro Beverages, a family-owned and operated company, is taking to market its first product, H2PRO Immune Health, a physician formulated, unique probiotic dietary supplement.

Available in naturally-flavored Acai Berry bottled water and naturally-flavored Acai Berry and flavorless packets, H2PRO Immune Health has been formulated to use the immune-stimulating benefits of probiotics in conjunction with the immune-stimulating benefits of glutamine, arginine, zinc and vitamins C and D.

Creator of H2PRO and Founder of PRO-Hydro Beverages, Inc., Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten is an industry-recognized family physician and nutritionist living and working in Asheville, N.C. Dr. Baumgarten is a strong promoter of nutrition to help patients live healthy, happy lives.

“While people understand nutrition is important, they often lack credible information or find it difficult to make the necessary lifestyle changes for better health,” said Dr. Baumgarten, a 30- year practitioner. “But when I started working with probiotics, I noticed many of my patients were responding and doing better. I found that they readily accepted probiotics and noticed their benefits,” he said.

H2PRO Immune Health is safe for anyone to use daily, is gluten free, lactose free and vegan. Additionally, all H2PRO formulas are sugar free, contain zero calories and are lightly sweetened with stevia. H2PRO’s motto, “Formulated for Everyone,” is a testament to its unique spot in the probiotics market and wide consumer reach.

“I wanted to create a high-quality product that contained probiotics, targeted specific health conditions, was nutritious, good-tasting and easy for everyone to use,” Dr. Baumgarten said. “I am proud to say that H2PRO is that product.”

Launching at Katuah Market’s Grand Opening in Asheville on Saturday, Feb. 22, the H2PRO team will be on-hand, sampling their Acai Berry bottled water and flavorless packets all weekend. They promise a fun experience while supporting community development and local small businesses.

Dr. Baumgarten is excited about the future of PRO-Hydro Beverages and the H2PRO product line. “In addition to our Immune Health formula, the H2PRO line will include formulas for bone and joint health, eye health and brain health, with more on the way,” he said.

“Asheville is the perfect place for us to launch H2PRO. We have a strong local community network here and Ashevillians really love their locally-produced foods and beverages,” Dr. Baumgarten said.

Dr. Baumgarten maintains the benefits of a probiotic supplement regime are many. They can support the beneficial bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract, improve the first line of immune defense and support healthy metabolism and good health, to name a few. And his message about his new product is simple. “Enjoy H2PRO,” Dr. Baumgarten said. “Love your guts and they will love you!”

About Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten

Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten was first trained as a nutritionist and registered dietitian with a special interest in nutrition counseling and the food industry. His first job in the field was as a public health nutritionist where he witnessed first-hand the tremendous nutrition problems in urban and rural America. In 1979, Dr. Baumgarten attended medical school and continued his nutrition training with a special focus on hospital-based nutrition. In 1988, Dr. Baumgarten established his practice of family medicine and nutrition in North Carolina at Asheville Family Health Center and went on to found and direct the Nutrition Support Team at Mission Hospital, a 780-bed topranked medical center in Asheville. Dr. Baumgarten went on to serve as Vice Chief and Chief of Staff for Mission Hospital from 2007-2010. Over the years, Dr. Baumgarten worked with thousands of patients, trained medical students, resident physicians and medical staff physicians about the benefits of nutrition as an important part of patient care, recovery and illness prevention. He most recently led a team of health care professionals and volunteers on an outreach mission to Zambia, Africa in partnership with Four Seasons Compassion For Life, in an effort to improve access to quality palliative care.

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