The H2PRO™ Story

In early 2011, Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten had a question:

“What if there was an easy way to encourage people to use probiotics on a regular basis, combined with better hydration to improve their overall health?”

Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten

Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten – Board Certified Family Physician & Creator of H2PRO™

At this time, Dr. Baumgarten (he’s a board-certified family physician & nutritionist, by the way) had been practicing family medicine in Asheville, NC for over 30 years. He knew that his patients who took probiotics were seeing dramatic improvements in their health. Their symptoms (like digestive troubles & chronic colds) were improving. They felt better, too.

Other probiotics drinks were on the market, but many were overly sweet and none used probiotics to target specific conditions. He wanted something he would give his own patients—a product with quality and integrity on all levels.

So Dr. Baumgarten decided he’d answer this “What if…?” with something totally new.

Using evidence-based medical research, he set to work designing his own unique product that combined probiotics with specialized vitamin formulas to target specific health needs.

Probiotics typically came in pill form (blech) or had to stay refrigerated (what a pain!). Dr. Baumgarten wanted people to be able to use his product straight off the shelf. He imagined something one could easily take to work & school or pack while traveling. And it could easily be added to a favorite drink or sprinkled on cereal. The trick was to make it taste refreshingly light, have no calories and be easy to use.

It takes a village …

As a fearless but new entrepreneur, Dr. Baumgarten  knew his great idea would only develop into a really beneficial product with some help from the pros. He enlisted the help of the local community college small business incubator. He also tapped into the local resources of a natural products manufacturer. This was a good move—these experts led Dr. Baumgarten through the adventures of product development, guiding him through the maze of regulations governing food products and dietary supplements and sharing gems of wisdom on packaging, labels, and much more.

With this support, Dr. Baumgarten ironed out the details necessary to conceive a probiotic based dietary supplement that would meet all his criteria.

And a smart (really smart) family…

Dr. Baumgarten enlisted his family for their various skills, and in July 2012 he established PRO-Hydro Beverages Incorporated. This new entrepreneurial endeavor attracted the attention of the Kaufman Foundation, who provided a connection to the Illinois Business Consulting Program at the University of Illinois. With a team of talented business students supporting him, Dr. Baumgarten set out to develop a solid plan to bring H2PRO™ to market.

Ta-da! PRO-Hydro Beverages presents H2PRO Probiotic Formulas!

In early 2014, PRO-Hydro Beverages debuted its first product: H2PRO™ Immune Health Formula. Since sharing H2PRO™ with Asheville for the very first time at our product launch at Katuah Market on February 22, 2014, you can now find it at up to 6 local stores and counting.

All of our H2PRO™ probiotic based, vitamin enhanced dietary supplements offer the very best in promoting individual health and wellness. Designed by a nutritionist, developed with care by a family doctor, and formulated for everyone.

And now we can all hydrate healthily ever after

Dr. Baumgarten no longer has to ask “What if…?” With H2PRO™, he can now help his patients and people everywhere live healthier and happier lives.

The End.