Meet Alan S. Baumgarten MD

Board Certified Family Physician & H2PRO Creator

Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten

Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten – Board Certified Family Physician & Creator of H2PRO™

Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten is a family physician and nutritionist living and working in Asheville, North Carolina. For over 30 years, Dr. Baumgarten has promoted good nutrition to help patients live healthy and happy lives.

Inspired & informed by over 30 years of patient care

When Dr. Baumgarten started working with probiotics, he noticed that many of his patients were responding positively and feeling better. They noticed the benefits too, and readily accepted probiotics as part of their daily routine.

Initially, Dr. Baumgarten recommended probiotics for patients with mostly digestive problems, and witnessed considerable success with improved digestion. However, he was (pleasantly) surprised to learn that a lot of these patients noticed improvements in their overall health and mood as well. They found that they could tolerate certain medicines better when they used probiotics, and many had fewer colds.

Across the board, Dr. Baumgarten noticed that his patients who were getting real results in improving their health were those who used probiotics.

Dr. Baumgarten’s Training & Experience

Dr. Baumgarten first trained as a nutritionist and registered dietitian with a special interest in nutrition counseling and the food industry. His first job in the field was as a public health nutritionist where he witnessed first-hand some of the tremendous nutrition problems in urban and rural America. In 1979, he decided to attend medical school, where he continued his nutrition training with a special focus on hospital-based nutrition.

In 1988, Dr. Baumgarten established his family medicine & nutrition practice. Over the last 25 years, Dr. Baumgarten has worked with thousands of patients, treating their current conditions while helping them focus on good nutrition as a way to see long-term improvements in health.

He is also the founder of the Nutrition Support Team at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, where he trained medical students, resident physicians and medical staff physicians about the benefits of nutrition in patient care, recovery and illness prevention.

Helping Anyone Enjoy the Benefits of Probiotics: H2PRO Creator is Born

In 2011, Dr. Baumgarten began to investigate a way to bring the benefits of probiotics to a wider population.

In his years of practice as a physician and nutritionist, Dr. Baumgarten came to realize that most people truly do understand that nutrition is important, but they often lack credible information or find it difficult to make the necessary lifestyle changes for better health. He wanted to design a product that would encourage people to use probiotics, stay better hydrated, and promote health—without adding sugar or empty calories that would detract from the benefits.

“I wanted to create a high quality product that contained probiotics, targeted specific health conditions, was nutritious, good tasting and easy to use. I am proud to say that H2PRO™ is that product.”Alan S. Baumgarten MD, MPH

Today, you can enjoy H2PRO™ formulas for immune health and bone and joint health. Formulas for eye health, brain health, and pregnancy are in development.

Enjoy H2PRO
Love your guts and they will love you!


Congratulations to Dr. Baumgarten

for receiving the 2014 Harris Award in honor of his commitment to excellent service and patient care!harris-award