One month in: Ready to Reboot Your New Year’s Resolution?

One month in: Ready to Reboot Your New Year’s Resolution?H2PRO probiotics+vitamins

If you made a resolution and you’re not sticking to it, it’s ok! We understand. It’s not easy, and you’re not alone. We’re one month into 2016, and research suggests that 33% of people who made a new year’s resolution ditched it by the end of January. Eventually 73% of us will give up before meeting our new goal.1 But we’re not giving up! And we want to help you.

Reclaim your New Year’s Resolution (yes, with Probiotics!). It’s not too late

There is a trick to keeping, or perhaps ‘reclaiming’, your New Year’s Resolutions: Resolutions should be realistic and tangible and you should tell others about your goals2. Three of the most common New Year’s Resolutions are 1) Losing Weight 2) Getting Fit/Healthy and 3) Saving Money. These three resolutions aren’t easy ones, but guess what… probiotics can help!

Losing Weight

Studies show that a regular probiotic regime can help people lose weight. Probiotics have been shown to assist with healthy, long-term weight loss.  In a recent study at Canada’s Universite Laval and published in the British Journal of Nutrition, women who took probiotics lost twice as much weight as women who took a placebo over 24 weeks.

Along with a healthy diet, adding a probiotic like H2PRO can help in the process of healthy weight loss and has added health benefits of increasing nutrition, aiding in healthy digestion, reducing anxiety and the list goes on (See our other articles about the benefits of probiotics).

Add H2PRO to a healthy diet with regular exercise. You will feel the difference.

jeune-femme-sportive-joggingGetting Fit and Healthy

Probiotics support your wellness whether you are exercising regularly or not. They aid in digestion, increase nutrient availability from the foods you eat, and help regulate immunity.  Science is only at the beginning of understanding all the implications of a healthy microflora. If your goal is to be healthier in 2016 adding H2PRO to your life is one easy change you can make.

In addition, probiotics support the immune system in people who exercise.  Strenuous exercise can cause an increase in gut symptoms caused by the redistribution of blood away from the gut and to other parts of the body.  These symptoms can include cramping, bloating, nausea and the need to poop during exercise3.  If you are adding exercise to your daily routine after a period of inactivity, probiotics may be able to help avoid gut symptoms brought on by your new routine.

Adding H2PRO to your workout regime and dietary plan is a great way to achieve your goals whether your resolution is just to be healthier in your habits or to add exercise to your daily routine. Use H2PRO to keep hydrated during exercise and get your daily probiotic- just add it to your post workout water bottle or your breakfast smoothie!

Saving Money

One of Americans’ most popular New Year’s Resolutions is improving finances. Not only do probiotics help keep you healthy, which means fewer trips to the doctor, but you can purchase H2PRO online and save.  Instead of paying $16.99 a box you will pay $15 a box and you will get free shipping if you order 3 boxes (a one month supply). By ordering now you can support your commitment to good health in the New Year with one simple choice.

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Probiotics optimize immunity and the effects of exercise on the body as well as help with weight loss.  When you add the financial benefits of being healthy and saving through online purchasing, H2PRO really can help!

H2PRO can help you realize your New Year’s goals, even if you are a month late. Here’s to your health: body, mind, and finances!


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