H2PRO Research News: Probiotics Help the Healthy!

An observational study has found that probiotics improved GI symptom scores and gastrointestinal health in already healthy individuals.  The new study published in Advances in Microbiology utilized a multi-species probiotic like H2PRO™ (in fact, H2PRO™ has 3 of the eight strains used in the study) used daily over a 6-week period.

The authors suggest that many healthy subjects suffer from GI symptoms such as flatulence, bloating or gastric pain.  They suggest that while these symptoms do not require medical attention their improvement or resolution does improve the health  and quality of life of the subject.

In fact, many of the subjects reported their GI symptoms fully resolved along with decreasing GI symptom scores.  Since this study was not a fully randomized, double blind study, the authors suggest that more research is appropriate and necessary on healthy subjects.

SOURCE: Nutra Ingredients

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