Recent Headlines Misinterpret Probiotics Study

Photo Credit: By ben at Openclipart, via Wikimedia Commons

A recent, Danish probiotics study has been widely publicized by the press in an inaccurate manner. Many headlines read: ‘Probiotics Ineffective’ or ‘Probiotics Don’t Change Your Microbiome.’  These headlines fail to address the complete picture, and have therefore been somewhat misinterpreted in our fast paced, just-read-the-headlines culture.

The study was a meta-analysis of many other probiotics studies and evaluated the methodologies used in the same studies. The author’s conclusion was, in part, that probiotics do not permanently alter the gut microbiota in healthy adults. This was not, however, a full account of their findings. In fact, the authors clearly state in their conclusion that future research needs to utilize larger subject groups, more robust statistics and more clearly defined parameters in order to provide useful data.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, while the study may find no permanent change in the microbiome of healthy adults who take probiotics, they do not exclude the possibilities that probiotics do provide therapeutic effects either in healthy adults or otherwise. The authors state that more research into the ecology of the gut microbiome is needed before many of these interactions become clear. We have included an informative video that addresses the research as well as the original article at BioMedCentral.

Original Article Source: BioMedCentral

Probiotics Perspective Video

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