Our happy H2PRO™ users have kindly written to us about their positive experiences with our product. Take a look at these firsthand stories below!

I was recently prescribed strong antibiotics for a dental infection, which caused me great concern because the last time I took antibiotics, also dental related, I contracted Cdiff. Intent on not repeating that experience, I faithfully took my H2PRO™ daily and made it through the cycle without incident. Me and my guts thank you!Tom, North Carolina

When our 7 year old daughter was hospitalized for a ruptured appendix, we never imagined that her recovery would be so difficult. Two hospitalizations and two surgeries later, she still was having a difficult time with her appetite and eating. She was on antibiotics and artificial nutrition for weeks and had lost all incentive for oral intake. We knew that probiotics were important and had been routinely giving them to our children for years. However, we were unable to get her to take her favorite probiotic supplement during her recovery. We tried H2PRO™ and thankfully she loved the fun packaging and the taste and we were finally able to improve her fluid and food intake. I’m certain that the probiotics were critical to her bowel recovery and we are grateful that H2PRO™ was available when we needed it!Jennifer N., MD

Dear H2PRO™,

I bought my son Josh a box of the H2PRO™ packets last summer to take back to Alaska.  He used them especially when camping and backpacking when needed for gut discomfort.  He said they worked great, liked the flavor and the individual packets that he could carry in his pack.

Hope this is helpful.  Josh was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in his early teens.  He is careful about his diet, does not eat many packaged foods, drinks that awful Kumbuchi, and has a healthy life style.  So his gut is in pretty good shape.

Thank you.Susan, Josh’s mother

H2PRO™ and Psyllium

I’ve found that mixing a packet of H2PRO™ Acai Berry in my morning dosage of whole psyllium husks makes it much more palatable! I switched to using whole psyllium husks from the usual sugar-free orange-flavored fiber drink to avoid the aspartame in it. The flavor of the Acai Berry helps with the psyllium husks, but it also somehow seems to help the texture. I don’t mind drinking it nearly as much as I did prior to adding H2PRO™ Acai Berry!Marla A.

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