Love Your Kid’s Guts – 5 Reasons to Go H2PRO™ for Kids

  1. Probiotics are good bacteria for your kids.
    Microbes can help develop your child’s immune system. Studies have shown that probiotics can: decrease the severity and duration of colds, help treat antibiotic associated diarrhea, prevent atopic dermatitis in babies, decrease the development of allergies, treat traveler’s diarrhea and generally support the immune system. What parent doesn’t need help supporting their child’s immune system?
  2. Kids Love Our Flavors!
    H2PRO™ great flavors — Acai berry and Lemonade are bright and tasty. H2PRO™ has no artificial flavors, is sugar-free and gluten-free. You can add flavored H2PRO™ to water or Flavorless H2PRO™ to your child’s morning milk, smoothie, cold cereal or yogurt.
  3. H2PRO™ goes where you go, and where your kids go.
    H2PRO™ does not require refrigeration so it can go to soccer practice, get packed in school lunches or travel to Grandma’s. This flexibility meets the needs of the whole family because you can give it to them when they want it!
  4. H2PRO™ is not a pill.
    H2PRO™ is not a pill or chewable gummy that can be hard for kids to take; it’s a powder you can add to food and drink. It is a flexible way to meet the needs and tastes of your whole family. With our Flavorless formulas, kids won’t even know it’s mixed in, and with our flavored formulas added to water it’s like drinking berry-ade or lemonade.
  5. High Quality Probiotics: 4 strains, 7 billion CFUs.
    Our probiotics contain four well-researched, safe strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium with 7 billion cfu’s (colony forming units), an adequate dose for children or adults. Only the best for our kids.

Family and Children’s Dosage Chart 

H2PRO™ was developed by Alan Baumgarten MD, a family physician and nutritionist with the needs of your entire family in mind. Dr. B. created this chart so everyone in the family can use H2PRO™ daily.

[See PDF version of the Dosage Chart]
H2PRO™ is Formulated for Everyone™ for everyday use according to the following dosage chart:
H2PRO™ Immune Health – Acai Berry


H2PRO™ Immune Health – Flavorless


H2PRO™ Bone & Joint Health – Lemonade


H2PRO™ Bone & Joint Health – Flavorless


Infants less than 1 year ⅛ tsp ⅛ tsp ⅛ tsp ⅛ tsp
Children 1-3 years                  ½  tsp ¼  tsp ½ tsp ¼ tsp
Children 3-12 years               ¾  tsp ½  tsp ¾ tsp ½  tsp
Adults & Children 12+ 1 package 1 package 1 package 1 package


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Probiotics Can Help Common Kid Ailments

Colds and and other Viral Infections
Clinical studies have shown probiotics reduce the duration and severity of respiratory and viral illnesses.

Clinical studies have shown that probiotics can improve digestive health.

Allergy and Dermatitis
Clinical studies have shown that probiotics can help kids with skin problems and allergies.

Check out our article on Probiotics for Kids to learn more about this topic.

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