Healthy Hydration with
H2PRO™ Probiotics + Vitamins

What is better than Lemonade on a hot summer day?

We all need to stay well hydrated  to maintain optimal health [1]. Staying hydrated if you have a heart condition or diabetes or if you are an endurance athlete is even more important. H2PRO™ offers a way to hydrate without sugar or artificial sweeteners that is refreshing and convenient.  But most importantly H2PRO™ offers probiotics + vitamins to stimulate the immune system and optimize your health.

Hydration is….

Hydration is simply having adequate water in your body.  We are about 70% water and each cell in your body requires water to function.  Water is essential to our bodies, metabolism and efficient nutrient utilization, body temperature regulation, digestion, and removal of waste [1,2,3].

We know that dehydration can be extreme, causing dizziness, confusion, lack of sweat, fainting and if untreated, death.  However, a constant state of mild dehydration can decrease our mental function, affecting memory, cognition and alertness and it can stress our organs, particularly the kidneys and heart [3].  In addition, chronic dehydration can lead to kidney stones or constipation.

Hydration and Exercise

Challenging athletic activity can result in the loss of 6-10% of a person’s body weight in sweat! Under conditions of mild dehydration, athletes, or people engaged in exercise or other kinds of physical activity, can and often do, experience reduced performance, motivation and endurance [3].

If you exercise daily or participate in endurance exercise, the benefits of the probiotics in H2PRO™ go beyond hydration.  Probiotics have been shown to help ameliorate some of the immune system stress caused by the intense physical activity of endurance athletes [4]. And probiotics work best when used daily, so pack some H2PRO™ in your gym bag and stay hydrated and healthy.

Hydration, Kids and Play

Children may be less apt to respond to the physiological thirst of the body that indicates our need to drink [3]. That’s why parents and adults must make sure children are drinking enough, especially in the summer.  The recommendation is that kids drink past being thirsty in order to maintain hydration [3].

H2PRO™ can be used by kids and they love the flavors!

We have to DRINK it.

Water comes from our food (about 20% of our daily needs are met by food) but also we have to drink.  High sugar and high sodium drinks don’t help our bodies stay hydrated [3].  They also contain lots of calories that are contributing to the obesity epidemic.  In addition, beverages high in caffeine or alcohol can act as a mild diuretic and actually dehydrate your body.  When you drink water instead of sodas or sweetened juices you can decrease your calorie intake by up to 10%!

What color is your pee?

Hydration isn’t a one size fits all situation, so forget that old “8 glasses a day” recommendation. A good place to start is to remind yourself that most all of us can benefit from drinking more fluids each day. One of the easiest ways to check your hydration is to look at your urine.  If your urine is clear or light colored and has no smell then you are hydrated. The darker and smellier the urine, the more dehydrated you are.  The H4H Initiative is a European hydration initiative that has a urine color chart, dehydration calculation and other education tools that can help you determine whether your habits are healthy or not when it comes to hydration.

H2PRO™ probiotics + vitamin powders offer a sugar-free way to hydrate and get your daily probiotics (Love Your Guts!) as well as additional vitamins to support overall well-being. So take charge of your health and your hydration. Keep H2PRO™ in your bag and in your water bottle!

What could be better than some lemonade after playing on a hot summer day?
Answer: H2PRO™ Bone & Joint Health Lemonade  with Probiotics!

Go Beyond. Hydrate with H2PRO™ probiotics + vitamins. Love your body and #LoveYourGuts.



1- H2PRO™ Healthy Hydration


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