H2PRO™ Probiotics + Vitamins

The vast array of nutritional supplements can make it very confusing for those trying to optimize their health with probiotics and vitamins.

H2PRO™ makes getting your daily supplement of Probiotics + Vitamins easy. Our daily dose H2PRO™ Probiotics + Vitamins lets you find a formula tailored for your personal health and wellness needs. A better understanding of how Probiotics + Vitamins work together can simplify and optimize your use of daily supplements

Probiotics are good bacteria that you can ingest to help restore balance to your personal microbiome, the trillions of beneficial microbes that already live in your guts. Healthy gut bacteria can help you feel better, have more energy, improve digestion and immunity.

Vitamins, Minerals and Micronutrients are critical biochemical co-factors for healthy metabolism. They support all body functions and they are essential for high level of wellness.

Vitamins + Probiotics are found naturally in our diet but all too often your diet alone may not provide an adequate supply of these nutrients to support your personal needs for optimal health and wellness.

Probiotics + Vitamins together are synergistic and complementary. They meet during the digestive process then work together to accomplish important individual and combined biological, metabolic and biochemical functions. Vitamins and mineral enhance the role of probiotics, just as probiotics enhance the roles of vitamins, mineral and micronutrients.

Yes, the synergy of probiotics and vitamins can occur naturally in your daily diet. To support the complementary beneficial interaction of Probiotics + Vitamins, why not ingest them together? You can by supplementing your daily dietary routine with a specially formulated dose of H2PRO™ Probiotics + Vitamins.

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