Review of H2PRO by The Full Helping

H2PRO Review from the Full Helping

It seems that nearly everyone has taken, is taking, or is considering taking probiotics these days. In the last ten years, in concert with our growing understanding of the microbiome and its importance in health and wellness, the probiotic market has boomed. But all probiotics are not created equal, and in spite of the fact that there are many probiotics to choose from, quality and efficacy are never guaranteed. In fact, the preponderance of probiotics nowadays has made it difficult to choose one that’s really good. Today, I’m sharing my current favorite, H2PRO Probiotics.

..H2PRO suggests sprinkling the packet over food or mixing into any beverage… I’ve loved mixing a packet into my morning smoothies, or into a glass of almond milk or juice as a little snack.

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