Getting to Know H2PRO: Probiotics and Women’s Health

h2pro women's healthBoard certified family physician and H2PRO™ creator Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten is passionate about probiotics, and he thinks trying them will make you feel the same. The world seems to be catching on to the gastrointestinal benefits of regularly taking probiotics, but did you know they also are quickly becoming a staple for women’s health?

How can women benefit from routinely taking H2PRO probiotics?

 Dr. Baumgarten: Broadly speaking, there is quite a bit of evidence-based data indicating that probiotics in general, and the unique blend of ingredients in H2PRO particularly, can help boost general immunity. Specifically, the combination of probiotics and H2PRO Immune Health’s micronutrient components have been shown to decrease upper respiratory and viral infections.

 In addition to general immunity support, probiotics have been shown to improve non-specific vaginitis and vaginal infections in women. We’ve also seen some research indicating that regular probiotic use can positively influence inflammatory or interstitial cystitis and bacterial infections of the female bladder which can lead to infections of the lower urinary tract.

How can probiotic use help bladder and urinary tract conditions?

 Dr. Baumgarten: While the cause of painful bladder syndrome (interstitial cystitis) is still largely unknown, there are a number of common factors that can contribute to it, including the presence of harmful bacteria in digestive and urinary systems. 

Evidence suggests that keeping a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal and vaginal systems can greatly reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and cystitis. Because these conditions are caused by bacterial pathogens in the system and probiotics help prevent these pathogens from binding, multiplying, and colonising, maintaining a strong colony of good bacteria can greatly improve vaginal health.

Are probiotics safe or recommended for pregnant women?

Dr. Baumgarten: Absolutely! In fact, there’s a significant amount of data right now all over the pediatric and obstetric literature regarding probiotic use before and during pregnancy, primarily because of the positive effect on the fetus and newborn. Evidence shows that when mothers-to-be take probiotics during their pregnancy, there is a reduction in eczema, asthma, atopic dermatitis, and other allergic conditions for their children.

This is particularly important for mothers delivering via C-section, which can increase the risk of allergies, diabetes, obesity, and colic. Taking probiotics can offset those odds by as much as 50%.

 Additionally, babies delivered vaginally have been shown to have a larger diversity of gut bacteria. For babies born via C-section, the inclusion of probiotics prenatally can help increase the presence of varied beneficial bacteria. 

How can H2PRO benefit pregnant women?

 Dr. Baumgarten: H2PRO’s unique combination of probiotics, micronutrients, and vitamins also work to keep pregnant women healthy. During pregnancy, the immune system is suppressed—any mom will tell you just how hard it is to fight off colds or the flu. While a cold is mostly an annoyance, the flu can be dangerous for expecting mothers, potentially leading to more serious issues.

By supporting the immune system during pregnancy, H2PRO can help one avoid sickness or reduce the severity of the illness. A happy, healthy mom means a happy, healthy baby.

Learn more about how probiotics can benefit you, or buy H2PRO now. #loveyourguts


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