Frequently Asked Questions About H2PRO

Got a burning question about probiotics or how to enjoy H2PRO™? Check out our FAQs!

Q. Is it safe to use H2PRO™ beverages daily?
Q. How are the H2PRO™ probiotics prepared to maximize their beneficial effects?
Q. Are there any special allergy precautions for using H2PRO products?
Q. Is H2PRO™ gluten free? Lactose free?
Q. Can children drink H2PRO™?
Q. Is H2PRO™ safe to consume while pregnant or nursing?
Q. How many strains of bacteria are in H2PRO™?
Q. Is H2PRO™ safe for someone with diabetes?
Q. Are there any medical conditions or medications that would prevent someone from drinking H2PRO™?
Q. Is H2PRO™ Kosher and/or Halal certified?
Q. What are some of the health benefits of probiotics?
Q. Are there any side effects from the probiotics, vitamins or micronutrients in H2PRO™ products?

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