Our Core Values

Our products, our people, and our practices are:

Health Centered

Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten

Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten – Board Certified Family Physician Creator of H2PRO™

H2PRO™ isn’t just something to drink. Our products do more. They help you enjoy the benefits of probiotics with formulas that target real-life health needs. The ingredients in our H2PRO™ formulas were hand-picked by our physician founder, Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten, for their quality, efficacy and safety. We consciously chose to put in the extra effort needed to create refreshing, light-tasting products without artificial chemicals, sugar, colorings or acids.


We speak honestly and act with integrity in our business and our message. Before we make any decisions, we think carefully about the impact on our customers, employees and community. We only make promises we can follow through with to a tee.


Our customers—all of you—are the reason we are here, and we understand that you live in a changing world with changing needs. You don’t live in a vacuum, so neither do we. We aim to be responsive to your needs and the needs of our employees. What does this look like? We listen carefully to customer feedback, pay attention to the ideas of our team members, and actively pursue knowledge that can help us bring you the best possible products.


h2pro women's healthNo person is an island, and no company is either. We owe our ability to make H2PRO™ to a stellar cast of characters in the community, including our mentor businesses, our stakeholders, the grocers and store managers who place our products on the shelf, and of course, our customers. It’s a huge responsibility to make all of our community proud. We seek out materials and processes that use energy and resources responsibly, and we stand behind our products.

High Quality

Our values all culminate into this simple phrase: high quality. From the very beginning, only the highest quality ingredients, processes and people are contributing to our products. Because of this commitment to quality, we know that every bottle of H2PRO™ that’s enjoyed over lunch with friends and every packet that’s sprinkled on top of a giant bowl of crispy cereal is helping someone improve his or her own quality of life.