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Meta-Analysis: Probiotics Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

A new meta-analysis of studies on how probiotics may improve depression, anxiety and perceived stress found a significant mental health improvement over placebo.  The article was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in November of 2016. The authors indicate that further studies on the impact of probiotics in patients with clinical depression […]


Survive the Holidays with Probiotics

The holidays are a departure from the norm.  From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day we are bombarded by salty snack foods, cheesy hors d’oeuvres, and decadent desserts. The indulgence continues even at work!  Who hasn’t over indulged at the office when a pineapple upside down cake mysteriously appeared in the office kitchenette? And finally, alcohol! […]


Unlocking Probiotic Mysteries

Nutritional Outlook provides a good summary of the current state of probiotics use, safety and research.  The article addresses how antibiotics and other characteristics of our western lifestyle affect our delicate microbiome, resulting in implications for many aspects of our health. Looking forward, there is much to learn about the mysteries of the microbiome. Source: […]


Love Your Guts Daily

Research is showing that the connection between our health and our gut flora is more complex than we imagined and that probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, can be an important science-based part of a daily health practice. Recent research suggests that there is brain-gut connection which can affect our mood and overall mental health. Probiotics have […]