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Endurance athletes have a unique set of health concerns, probiotics can help.

Immunity in Athletes: Benefits of Probiotics

New research seems to indicate that probiotics can help an athlete recover and stay healthier during and following training or performance events. It is increasingly likely that probiotics and a well managed diet have the potential to improve athlete immunity and reduce GI distress, helping with long term health of the athlete.


H2PRO Research News: Probiotics Help the Healthy!

An observational study has found that probiotics improved GI symptom scores and gastrointestinal health in already healthy individuals.  The new study published in Advances in Microbiology utilized a multi-species probiotic like H2PRO™ (in fact, H2PRO™ has 3 of the eight strains used in the study) used daily over a 6-week period. The authors suggest that […]

H2PRO Probiotics for Allergies

Probiotics May Pack a Punch to Seasonal Allergies

Doses of probiotics between 1 and 10 billion CFU have been shown in studies to be effective in helping ease allergy discomfort. In 2014, a study found that adults suffering from chronic hayfever, significant enough to consistently compromise their quality of life during grass pollen season and who took L. paracasei had an improved quality […]


Probiotics are a ‘Weapon’ Against the Common Cold

Science Daily summarizes a study of stressed college students who benefited from probiotics supplementation. Students were supplemented with Lactobaccillus and Bifidobacterium strains (both found in H2PRO!) resulting in decreased incidence and duration of colds. The researchers conclude that supplementing with probiotics significantly improves quality of life during the cold season. Source: Science Daily Editors, Dan […]


Immunity-Boosting Pearfectly Probiotic Smoothie

By now we’re sure you’ve learned about all of the great health benefits of probiotics. The next step is getting creative with your probiotics and finding ways to make sure you’re getting your daily dose—something we’re excited to help you with! Smoothies are a morning staple for many people, loved for their variability, convenience, and […]