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H2PRO Research News: Probiotics Help the Healthy!

An observational study has found that probiotics improved GI symptom scores and gastrointestinal health in already healthy individuals.  The new study published in Advances in Microbiology utilized a multi-species probiotic like H2PRO™ (in fact, H2PRO™ has 3 of the eight strains used in the study) used daily over a 6-week period. The authors suggest that […]


Survive the Holidays with Probiotics

The holidays are a departure from the norm.  From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day we are bombarded by salty snack foods, cheesy hors d’oeuvres, and decadent desserts. The indulgence continues even at work!  Who hasn’t over indulged at the office when a pineapple upside down cake mysteriously appeared in the office kitchenette? And finally, alcohol! […]