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Endurance athletes have a unique set of health concerns, probiotics can help.

Immunity in Athletes: Benefits of Probiotics

New research seems to indicate that probiotics can help an athlete recover and stay healthier during and following training or performance events. It is increasingly likely that probiotics and a well managed diet have the potential to improve athlete immunity and reduce GI distress, helping with long term health of the athlete.


Gut Flora Influences Autoimmune Diseases

Probiotics may help improve the symptoms of arthritis and other autoimmune diseases by altering our gut flora and decreasing inflammation. There is a connection between our microbiome and these autoimmune diseases, although some of the specifics are still being worked out in the laboratory. A wide breadth of research is beginning to unlock the mysteries […]


Optimizing Your Microbiome May Improve Bone Health

The research is beginning to accumulate.  Probiotics may help prevent conditions like osteoporosis by benefiting the immune system which in turn leads to increased bone density and volume. While probiotics therapy is not yet common, it may be in the future. In the meantime, probiotics are considered safe and may benefit your long term bone […]