Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

h2pro probiotics weight lossWouldn’t it be wonderful to make a simple change to your diet and watch the pounds melt away? Fad diets and restrictive cleanses don’t work in the long run, but new scientific research is showing that tending to your microbiome with probiotics can assist with healthy, long-term weight loss.

What is a Microbiome Anyway?

Deep inside our digestive systems live trillions of bacteria that help us digest food, synthesize vitamins and nutrients, and even ward off certain diseases by stimulating immunity. These microorganisms are collectively known as the “microbiome” or gut flora. Each person’s microbiome is different, but scientists are finding commonalities in people with healthy guts—especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Does My Microbiome Impact My Weight?

The link between microbiomes and overall weight is becoming stronger every day. Research indicates that probiotics, or “good” bacteria, have a major impact on the digestive system. It is believed that the microbiomes of slim people and obese people are significantly different. Whether this is because of an innate difference in gut flora or a byproduct of eating habits is still being investigated. So how do probiotics come into play?

Many scientists believe that probiotics make your intestinal walls less permeable and help block the movement of some molecules that contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and glucose intolerance before they even enter the bloodstream. It appears that probiotics are a powerful weapon against many diseases and may even protect the body from obesity.

Why Probiotics Might Be the Key to Weight Loss—Especially for Women

If you’re wondering how to boost your microbiome and lose weight in the process, take a cue from new scientific research. This new research indicates that probiotics for weight loss can be very effective, particularly in women.

A recent study published by the British Journal of Nutrition tracked 125 overweight men and women as they followed a weight loss regime over a 12-week time period. Half of the group also took probiotic pills every day, while the control group did not.

Three months later, women who took probiotics lost 9.7 pounds, while women who took placebos lost 5.7 pounds. For the next three months, all of the subjects followed a weight maintenance plan and the experimental group continued to take probiotics. On average, the women who took probiotics continued losing weight, ticking off an additional 1.8 pounds while on the recommended diet for maintenance.

Probiotics didn’t have a significant effect on the men’s weight, confirming a common hypotheses that male and female microbiomes might be very different. Still, a wide range of studies indicate that probiotics improve gut health for both genders, which is exciting news for anyone who is looking to improve their digestive system.

How Do I Improve My Gut Health to Promote Weight Loss?

Probiotics can be found in various foods or taken as a supplement, but it’s important to know that simply consuming one kind probably won’t noticeably change your system. (If that were true, anyone who ate yogurt with active cultures would be slim.) Instead, people need to take a holistic approach to cultivating a healthy, diverse microbiome by adding multiple probiotics to their diet, as well as avoiding foods that undermine a healthy microbiome. In terms of adding probiotics to your diet, your best bet is a multi-strain probiotic supplement.

H2PRO is a new probiotic product that turns ordinary water into a microbiome-enhancing beverage. Unlike many mass-market products, H2PRO contains a blend of four probiotic species, as well as several vitamins and micronutrients. H2PRO comes in a flavorless form that can be dissolved into any liquid or food less than 102℉. H2PRO Immune Health can be also be added to water, and people tell us our Acai Berry flavored Immune Health formula is a great afternoon “pick me up.” It is lightly flavored with natural stevia for a refreshing taste, and can be enjoyed any time of day.

Try H2PRO and discover how you can #loveyourguts! Your microbiome will thank you—and so will your waistline.

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