Can Probiotics Help Prevent Cold and Flu?

Can probiotics help prevent cold and flu?

Everyone hates having a cold.  It slows us down and makes us feel horrible: runny noses, scratchy throat, and that cough that won’t go away. Unfortunately, too many of us power through when what we really need is rest.

So what if we prepared for cold and flu season instead of always reacting to it, as if we didn’t know it was coming?  Probiotics are a powerful tool for building immunity and helping us be more resilient to cold and flu.

Probiotics may help prevent and shorten cold and flu.

Probiotics have been shown to prevent upper respiratory tract infections as well as shorten the duration of the common cold and fl [1].  Additionally, studies have shown a significant decrease in the number of days with fever, clinical interventions, childcare absences and antibiotic prescriptions given to people on a probiotic regime [1].

Many studies have utilized Lactobicillus and Bifidobacterium species like the four unique strains in H2PROTM probiotics powder.  These results are consistent for children, adults and the elderly[2].

Research published by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that six months of a daily probiotics regime is a safe and effective way to decrease cough duration, cough incidence, fever and antibiotic incidence for children 3 to 5 years old [3].  Additionally, some research indicates that probiotics like H2PROTM with multiple strains may have a synergistic effect resulting in more pronounced outcomes [3].

Resilience to cold and flu season starts here.

Taking probiotics daily over a long period of time helps support yout immune system during cold and flu season, when you need it the most. Don’t wait to get sick, start now with a daily probiotics drink that is refreshing, tasty and easy to use anywhere. H2PROTM can be added to your drink or food on the run, in your office or every morning in your breakfast smoothie (Try Dr. Baumgarten’s recipe!).

It’s NEVER too late to start improving your health.

H2PRO is Formulated for Everyone.

Use H2PRO for the whole family.  You can see our dosing chart here for how to go “H2PRO” with small children and adults. A packet of H2PRO is a small price to pay for health when you add up time lost from work or school due to the common cold. So stick with it! H2PRO: Love your guts, daily.

It’s in the science: Probiotics reduce lost days of school and work due to upper respiratory tract infections [1].

Hate the Flu? Love your Guts with H2PRO.

*H2PRO probiotics are meant to complement the flu shot and other healthy habits.  Talk with your doctor about how you can manage your flu risk.



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