H2PRO™ Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in the H2PRO™ Affiliate Program. As a registered Affiliate, you help promote H2PRO™ using your blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, email, 3×5 cards slipped under people’s windshield wipers! Anywhere! For any buyers you send to us, you will earn a 20% commission on their purchase amount.

Registered Affiliates will have an Affiliate Dashboard page where you generate unique URLs for the H2PRO™ web pages to which you want to link. By using these custom URLs we are able to track your visitors, and give you credit when they purchase. We also provide example ads and images (aka “Creatives”) you can post on your web properties. The Dashboard also provides statistics such as the number of visitors you have sent to our site, how much they have purchased, and the commissions you have earned. Welcome aboard!

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Quick Facts

20% Commission!

  • You earn a 20% commission on purchases made by visitors you send to the H2PRO™ site.

H2PRO™ Formulas

Why Our Customers Love H2PRO™

  • People appreciate the ease with which they can travel with our convenient packets.
  • They love how H2PRO™ can be added to nearly any food or drink.
  • And they love the powdered form, which is much easier to ingest than the handful of pills that would be required to equal the content of one H2PRO™ packet.