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Thank you for visiting us here at H2PRO™! We’re really glad you’re here to learn about the huge benefits of your body’s tiniest friends and check out our doctor designed H2PRO™ probiotic & vitamin supplements. Here’s some info about us…

Why We’re Here

We want to give everyone an easy and healthy way to help feel their best. How can we do this? We’ve found two really great ways. First, by providing the highest quality probiotic based functional beverages, food, and nutritional supplements with innovative, doctor-designed formulas that will enhance your quality of life. Second, by giving you reliable, useful info about probiotics, good nutrition, health and wellness in a clear, understandable manner.

Our Story

Our company, PRO-Hydro Beverages, Inc., was founded by Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten, a family doctor & nutritionist in Asheville, North Carolina as a solution to a simple “What if…?” question. Today, we’re proud to bring an easy, healthy way to help everyone feel the benefits of probiotics.

Our Family Doctor & H2PRO Creator, Alan S. Baumgarten, MD

All of our products are designed by Dr. Alan S. Baumgarten, a board certified family physician and nutritionist who’s used good nutrition and probiotics as part of his patients’ treatment plans for over 30 years. He knows his stuff.

Our Core Values

We like to do things right. We treat our team, our consumers, our stakeholders and our planet with respect. Whenever possible, we work with local resources and small businesses just like us. All of us at PRO-Hydro Beverages are here to provide only the highest quality products all the time.

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