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  • tequila-probiotic

    H2PRO Report: Is Tequila a probiotic?

    This past fall a video proclaiming tequila as a probiotic and health drink almost broke the internet. H2PRO tackles the truth.

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  • timing

    Timing your Probiotics for Maximum Effect

    Timing your probiotics during the day is a big concern for many of Dr. Baumgarten’s patients. When is the best time to take your H2PRO?

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  • 455px-Gray1120-urinary-tract

    Probiotics, Urinary Tract Health and UTI

    Urogenital infections affect up to 1 trillion people worldwide each year. Probiotics may play a role in the future of prevention and treatment of UTI.

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  • H2PRO Probiotics + Vitamins

    One Powerful Probiotic Resolution

    The power of one well-kept resolution cannot be underestimated. Why else would we even bother with New Year’s Resolutions each year? Deep down, we all believe that some simple, long term changes can improve our health.

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  • childs-pose

    Yoga to Help you Love Your Guts

    Yoga is an ideal exercise regime to care for your digestive tract and to help minimize belly bloat. Yoga allows the muscles of the body to relax, bringing oxygen and nutrients to important organs. In addition, yoga promotes the alignment of the body.

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  • koli-bacteria-123081_960_720

    H2PRO Research News: Probiotics Help the Healthy!

    An observational study has found that probiotics improved GI symptom scores and gastrointestinal health in already healthy individuals.  The new study published in Advances in Microbiology utilized a multi-species probiotic like H2PRO™ (in fact, H2PRO™ has 3 of the eight strains used in the study) used daily over a 6-week period. The authors suggest that […]

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