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  • neurons

    Gut Brain Axis Influences us from Birth

    John Cryan of the University College, Cork is a neuroscientist with an eye for the “downstairs brain.” That is, the gut. His work looking at how the gut bacteria we harbor affects our brain and behavior is changing the way psychologists think about symptoms like anxiety, depression, stress response, chronic pain, autism, cognitive function and […]

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  • oral health

    Oral Health and Probiotics

    Do daily probiotics influence your oral health? The influence of probiotics on oral health is a broadening field of research, changing dental care.

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  • women holding her hands in circle shape in front of her stomach

    H2PRO™ News: Gut Microbes may Influence Hunger and Waistline

    A new study indicates that gut bacteria are involved in a feedback loop that affects bodyweight in mice. We know that the types of bacteria in the gut of obese or diabetic people differ from people with a healthy weight. In this study a high fat diet given to the mice caused the gut bacteria […]

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  • IMG_7146

    Peanut-Butter Banana Probiotic Popsicles

    Buy H2PRO™ Online Buy one box containing 10 packets. Order a Subscription for automatic monthly delivery of your box(es).  

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  • H2PRO Review

    Healthy Hydration with
    H2PRO™ Probiotics + Vitamins

    What is better than Lemonade on a hot summer day? We all need to stay well hydrated  to maintain optimal health [1]. Staying hydrated if you have a heart condition or diabetes or if you are an endurance athlete is even more important. H2PRO™ offers a way to hydrate without sugar or artificial sweeteners that […]

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  • hqdefault.nerves

    Research News: Microbiota Implicated in Multiple Sclerosis

    A new study published in Scientific Reports finds that the gut microbiota of Multiple Sclerosis patients is distinctly different than the gut microbiota of healthy adults.

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