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  • Endurance athletes have a unique set of health concerns, probiotics can help.

    Immunity in Athletes: Benefits of Probiotics

    New research seems to indicate that probiotics can help an athlete recover and stay healthier during and following training or performance events. It is increasingly likely that probiotics and a well managed diet have the potential to improve athlete immunity and reduce GI distress, helping with long term health of the athlete.

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  • High Intensity Training (HIT) uses the body's natural metabolism to burn fat and build muscle efficiently.

    The Platform Fitness: High Intensity Training

    Welcome to our first guest blog from the guys at The Platform Fitness. They specialize in High Intensity Training and nutrition. The Platform is a comprehensive nutrition and exercise program that is science based and can be accessed from anywhere online.  Exercise plans, meal plans and daily tips so you can live your best life.

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  • probiotic superpowers

    Our Probiotic Strains: B. lactis Bi-04/Bi-07

    Probiotic strains like Bifidobacterium lactis have been shown to have beneficial effects on immunity and other health parameters in clinical studies. Meet two of our super probiotic strains!

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  • Probiotics have many benefits for mothers and their infants.

    The Big Benefits of Probiotics in Pregnancy

    Probiotics are everywhere, even in the prenatal vitamin section of the grocery. Should expectant mothers take probiotics and are there any benefits?

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  • Osteoarthritis can be related to a previous injury.

    Osteoarthritis and the Secret Life of Your Joints

    Our joints provide us with the ability to move, run, type, grasp and even look at this computer (or phone). They are made of bone and muscle, ligaments, cartilage, synovial fluid and other tissues. And caring for those joints needs to occur throughout life, athlete or not.

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  • A runner in a race drinks water while running.

    Hydration for Athletes

    Athletic performance can be reduced by dehydration. How much hydration is enough in athletics and elite sports?

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